Sports and Fitness

"The reward of working with professional athletes are immediate. Their bodies are in top condition, so recovery time is dramatically reduced. Not everyone is cut out to be around professional athletes - Licensing, certification and reputation are the primary things."

-Kris Kingsley, Athletic Trainer for the NHL LA Kings Hockey Team

"Great massage I recommend it for everyone I feel ready to pitch nine innings. We feel great both physically and emotionally (body and soul). Thank you Joana for a wonderful experience it was our first time and we found it extremely therapeutic."

-Ralph & Reina B.


Sports and Fitness

Lunch and Learn

"Joana pioneered a Chair Massage program for our center and has since made it the most desirable and memorable experience for patients undergoing examination at our center. I highly recommend Joana for any position or endeavor that she may pursue. She will be a valuable, reliable asset to any company. I am confident that she will provide the same high level of service and commitment to your company as she has to ours."

-Donna Thompson, Resident Nurse


"Joana consistently conducted herself in a very professional, competent and compassionate manner. As a contract employee she was very conscientious to always be aware of and follow all organizational and regulatory requirements. Massage Therapy in itself is a benefit for the patients but it is made even more enjoyable being administered by Joana. She is absolutely wonderful to the patients; she is a delight to work with and a true team player. I can honestly say she provides a premier service and would benefit any organization that might be considering massage therapy for patients, clients or staff."

-Barbara Llorente, Director of the Scripps Breast Cancer Center


"Thanks to your efforts at our "on-site" health fairs, with our many participating companies, you have not only contributed to our recruitment rate but also our retention rate. We have received nothing but high praise and constant inquires regarding how to set an appointment with you."

-Frank McManus, Corporate Accounts Manager USA Health and Fitness

Chair Massage

"What a wonderful surprise! Soothing & relaxing. Physically and mentally healing, and the lotion you used left me smelling very nice indeed - Aromatherapy too! Thank you I hope the breast care center continues this program."

-Karen F.


"Wow !! How wonderful !! If I could take her home with me I would. What a great big wonderful feeling this was !! Now I can return to work !! Heavenly !!."

-Martha R.


The massage was wonderful. It helped my back and neck a great idea. The relief of pain in my leg was almost instantaneous. Thanks so much and keep up the great work.

-Paula S.

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Patient Benefits

Patient Benefits

Why Choose Us

We will personally work with your company to put a special and attractive package together that will be both cost-effective and rewarding.

Certified Professionals

Our instructors are all board certified by the NCBTMB and the Chopra Center. CBTMB is one of the highest voluntary credential attainable in the massage therapy and bodywork profession. It represents a distinct level of achievement beyond entry-level licensure—including completing more education and hands-on experience.

Rave Reviews

Joana treated a wide variety musculoskeletal injuries with profound results, her expertise decrease our athletes recovery time from both injury and intense workouts, which in turn helped to improve their level of performance and workout intensity as never before..—Artie Poitras, Head Athletic Trainer University of Massachusetts Lowell

On-Site Training

For over two decades, Joana Brown has been educating, entertaining, motivating, and inspiring business, entrepreneurs, experts, consultants, athletes and coaches how to live a healthy lifestyle and make groundbreaking choices to last a lifetime.

Fits Your Schedule

PACKAGE yourself and your business in a way that you can become the “Company of Choice” where customers, employees and business partners seek out to connect with.

Whole Body Wellness

Joana’s unique style inspires, Integrating Western medical technologies and Eastern medicine in the teachings of Deepak Chopra, MD and David Simon Ayurveda of Body, Mind and Spirit, empowers, and entertains audiences while giving them the tools and strategies they need and want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Private Sessions

Take out the competition with an unprecedented cultural PLATFORM depending on the level you choose

  • WHAT TO DO - A Clear PLAN & VISION for “Business Wellness Platform”
  • CLARITY & CONFIDENCE: 1 -on- 1 Quick Start Session with Joana Brown
  • PERSONALIZED DIRECTION: Plan of Action, Opportunity, Best Suited System